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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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rely on big at-bats, instead relying on pitching and strategy to get that much-needed victory. this morning team coverage in two different time zones. bob redell is live at at&t park and we start off with comcast sportsnet bay area's jaymee sire who's traveled all the way to detroit. she's hooded up ready for the rain, weather and more at comerica park. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the rain is definitely falling here but giants fans should be excited about the fact the last eight teams to go up 2-0 in the world series have gone on to win the series. in fact 14 of the last 15 have done that and thanks to madison bumgarner last night they can say they are up 2-0. madison bumgarner continuing his world series dominance, picked up right where he left off in 2010, extending his scoreless inning streak in the world series to 15. that is tied for the fourth longest to start a world series career. >> defense did a great job.
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they hit some balls hard and we had them positioned right and it worked out. >> reporter: and like you guys mentioned, not the explosive long ball offense we saw in game one, but the giants managing just enough last night to come away with a win. playing a little small ball including this perfect bunt that ended up leading to a run. as for game three, that is coming up on saturday. it will be ryan voguelsong against anibal sanchez. the giants are headed here and will have a workout here at comerica park a little later today and we will have full coverage of that over on comcast sportsnet. >> thanks so much. stay bundled up out there. now that the series is moving to detroit, what's a giants fan to do? some will hit the road to follow the team and the good news, some tickets are still available if you know where to look. bob redell is live in san
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francisco this morning with more on how deep you're going to have to dig to make it to transit ma that ballpark. >> reporter: you'll need a small version of ft. knox. if you want to see the giants off, they'll probably be leaving at&t park just a few hours from now, around 9:00 to catch their 9:30 charter out of sfo to detroit. in 2010 they boarded buses here at the 2nd street gate. you can see they already have barricades set up here. assuming that they go through the same routine they did two years ago, you can come out here, see the players possibly get an autograph and wish them well before they go to game three tomorrow night after winning game two last night here. if you're planning on joining them on the trip to detroit, it is going to cost you a little chunk of change. there's a website called sports travel. for a one ticket, one-night stay, one person, prices starting just around $1300.
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goes up to $2300 if you're doing both games. three games, close to $3500. we went on to stubhub just to see what the ticket prices are going for tomorrow night's game, game three in detroit. anywhere from just around $299 to just over $41,000. that's for a suite. it goes down from there. the expensive seats outside the suites, $7,000, $5,000. a lot of money, huge investment. if you're a baseball fan, you're definitely guaranteed a show. we want to show you what a party looks like at 35,000 feet. this video courtesy of virgin american airlines. this was a flight between sfo and chicago last night. you can see the passengers watching the game live on the little screens in front of the back seats tvs as the giants clinched game two against the tigers. quite a party there. coming up, we'll tell you a maybe interesting fact you do not realize. most foreign-born players to play in a world series happening
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right now, so they're making world series history. first with pablo sandoval, those three home runs in game one, the most in any single game -- not the most, the fourth person to do that and now you have this other, most foreign-born players playing a world series. we'll tell you who they are if you haven't figured that out yet. reporting live here at at&t park, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we'll check back with you. game three of the world series is set for tomorrow in detroit. the first pitch tops out at 5:07 and we'll have continuing coverage of all things giants throughout the morning. 24/7/365 all day long on just check out the home page for the latest world series news. in the meantime, we're going to check the forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda. he's in for christina. really nice temperatures expected today. >> yeah, including around san francisco. it's a shame the giants are leaving town because the best weather we've seen all week long moving in today and through the weekend. i want to give you a preview of what they'll be finding awaiting them in detroit. as you saw jay mee sire out
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there, pretty chilly. it's going to be chilly out at the ballpark. notice the showers come monday and maybe a few showers on saturday so stay tuned to the forecast as we get into those weekend games. low 40s in the north bay, quite chilly. jacket weather no matter where you are in the bay area but things will change rapidly this afternoon. in oakland, northeast breeze there and it's the offshore winds and north winds we'll see today. that helping to send the storm track out of to the north and help clear out our skies. hour by hour, through 5:00, 6:00, maybe some high clouds for the north bay and that's about it. as we go through the afternoon, 1:00, already seeing 70s inland and upper 70s towards 4:00. 70s and 80s for our valleys this weekend and then turning a bit cooler as we get towards tuesday and it does look like we'll see some showers right around halloween into the middle part
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of next week. mike. >> all right, rob. we're looking already to the south bay where even on a friday we do have some slowing. a build for 101 northbound with these headlights just underneath that 280/680 interchange. we'll look on the maps and i've marked that with a yellow arrow as well. zone speeds in the upper 50s as you're approaching 880. but that trend continues. we do see a nice, smooth drive for the rest of those northbound routes but i'm watching how 85 over the last ten minutes we saw some slowing coming off almaden expressway. we'll watch for the colors to change here. live look at the bay bridge, no metering rights yet but the cash lanes have the backup. we'll expect the metering lights in the next ten. back to you. we have new details this morning in a bay area twist in what's nothing short of just a tragic and gruesome killing in new york city. police say a mother came home to find two of her children stabbed to death in the bathtub,
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allegedly killed by their nanny. we now know the mother and father did live in san francisco for a time. coming up at 6:30 we'll have a live report with marla tellez with all the latest on this scary investigation and exactly what happened in the moments before those tragic killings. >> just a horrible story there. happening right now, grief counselors will we at an east bay high school this morning helping students deal with the death of a classmate. cathy qiu's body was found at san gregorio state beach on sunday. her identity was discovered yesterday only after a fellow classmate stepped forward. christie smith is live at albany high school where she was an honor student, the young girl that was found, and a member of the tennis team. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and jon. yeah, students will officially get the heart-breaking news this morning and of course as you said counselors will be here to help them deal with their grief. cathy qiu was a student in the
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albany school district since she was in fifth grade. she was a transfer student from the richmond area but i can tell you that wor is already spreading fast about her death. a condolence page is up on facebook with many people offering prayers and remembering her as a very helpful and kind person. she played tennis at albany high, was an honor student with a 4.25 gpa. now, the coroner had identified the 16-year-old after a body washed onshore sunday near half moon bay, but investigators weren't initially sure who it was. but they did get a break from a classmate here at albany high who saw a news report and figured that it might be her. qiu's family reported her missing on september 27th. she was a transfer student, as i mentioned, from richmond and the case is being investigated by richmond police as a possible runaway. police said that she had previously been reported missing by her family in april and was located in colorado and brought back home. at this point the coroner is saying there are no obvious
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signs of foul play, but toxicology reports should be back within the next two weeks to help determine an exact cause of death. reporting live in albany, christie smith, "today in the bay." it is 6:09 right now. two arrests in oakland last night as hundreds marked the one-year date of that occupy movement. overnight there were no violent clashes between protesters and police like we saw one year ago. several hundred people did march through the streets of oakland to mark one year since protesters were kicked out of their encampment in front of city hall. many of the marchers say the movement was started as a protest to stand up for the middle class. it maymented but overall it's not as strong. >> obviously not as strong as it was. we had 100,000 people with us on november 2nd of last year. we are trying to rebuild. >> police officers out there did keep an eye on that rally and march just to make sure things did not get out of han. as we told you, two people were
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arrested, but police say for the most part overall they were pleased with the outcome. 6:10. help is on the way for the oakland police department. governor jerry brown says chp will deploy officers to oakland and stockton as early as next week. the additional officers are meant to help increase patrols in high crime areas and conduct traffic stops. the time is 6:10. coming up, banking on ballots. we'll tell you how campaign spending has reached the $2 billion mark. plus cleanup in cuba as the east coast now braces for storms. the high waves, big winds making landfall today just ahead. and in local business news, apple absolutely startles the market with numbers that not a lot of people like. we'll take a look coming up. and body image. why the tsa is taking security screening machines out of several major airports. we'll have that coming up. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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new this morning, the northeast gearing up for possible power outages as high winds, big waves making landfall further south along the florida coastline. hurricane sandy has officially touched down in the waters of south florida, giving fishermen really tough time. this morning people in cuba cleaning up after hurricane sandy. the storm left a trail of destruction there, especially in santiago de cuba, the second largest city. state-run media reports 11 people were killed when the hurricane hit the island. president raul castro is expected to visit the region and assess the damage today. a lot of people don't like them but now the tsa is quietly removing full body x-ray scanners from seven major airports. they are being replaced with different scanners that use less invasive images of the human body. a few airports switching out those machines include jfk and
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la guardia in new york, l.a.x., chicago o'hare and boston logan. now, the full body machines are not being retired, they're simply being moved to smaller airports. 6:14. here's a quick check of the top stories. grief counselors will be at albany high school to help classmates cope with the death of a classmate. cathy qiu was found on a beach near half moon bay. a suspect murdered a castro valley woman and set her home on fire. the sheriff's office would not confirm whether the suspect knew the woman. we're expecting to learn more about this case in a press conference coming up later today. san francisco giants packing their bags for detroit for game three of the world series. the giants beat the tigers 2-0 to take a 2-0 lead in the best of seven series. game three is tomorrow night. it is 6:15 right now.
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funeral services for the late senator george mcgovern will take place later on today. the governor served as a senator in much of his political career. he was the 1972 democratic presidential candidate. he died last sunday at the age of 90. a viewing was held thursday followed by prayer services. vice president biden did attend that service. now to decision 2012. 11 days and counting until election day. this morning president obama back at the white house after hitting eight states in two days, including some things never seen before, a president voting early. >> it means you don't have to figure out whether you need to take time off work, figure out how to pick up the kids and still cast your ballot if something hands on election day. >> republican nominee mitt romney is in iowa this morning after giving a talk on the economy yesterday in ohio. new polls continue to show a
6:16 am
tight race in colorado where nbc meris has the candidates tied n nevada the president leads just three points among likely voters. meantime that campaign cash just continues to pour in with both candidates expected to raise $2 billion by election day. from the start of 2011 through mid-october, president obama raised about $1.6 billion. romney pulled in $954 million. 2012 expected to be the most expensive presidential candidate -- or actually campaign in the history of the world. si6:17 right now. we want to check in with scott mcgrew keeping tabs on business this morning. >> apple famous for setting fairly low forecasts when it comes to profits and then blowing past them. so last night when it actually met its own forecast, well, in a weird way that was a disappointment for the markets. apple said it sold fewer ipads
6:17 am
than analysts were hoping. you kind of blame the company for that, because it's possible fans were waiting to buy that new ipad mini. the devices are also getting more complex and more expensive to build, and that may cut into profits. now, coincidentally, samsung has reported its profits too and it's a funny reminder that we treat samsung as the underdog, but it isn't. samsung sold twice as many smartphones as apple. twice as many phones in the same quarter as the cupertino company. speaking of tablets, did you know the san francisco 49ers playbook is on ipad? a number of nfl teams have converted over to ipad. you can push out new plays to players wherever they are. they can watch game films at starbucks. denver-based developer is changing these xs and os is going to be my guest right after "meet the press" on sunday morning. jon, as you well know, those play books have gotten just enormous and are tough to lug
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around. >> hey, why didn't you think that i knew that? >> you know, you're right. your husband played well as well. back when i played for the north spartans, it was about yay big. >> and they weren't booing. >> that's cool on the ipad to have the play books like that. very slick and they could pump it out. >> and you searching that -- your doppler radar, whatever you've got working over there. >> absolutely. every weather app that's imaginable. the weather looking pretty good. we started with a lot of rain, wind and even some thunderstorms. now we're going to see some nice weather as we head into the weekend. there's a pretty view. you can see the mountains east of san jose there silhouetted in the background. you're going to wake up and find low 40s. 42 in napa, 47 in san jose and 45 in oakland. one thing we'll notice as the sun comes up, we've got gusty
6:19 am
winds in the hills. with the winds out of the north, that's going to really help to dry us out, clear out our skies and lead to warmer temperatures this weekend. this weekend looks like we have a chance of getting into some low 80s and some rain will come back, but not until probably late tuesday of next week in the north bay. for now the storm track going off to the north and what's taking it to the north is high pressure that's going to build inland just to our east. when you get high pressure towards the east, it tends to enhance after offshore wind pattern. we'll see a little bit of that today in saturday and then maybe sunday the sea breeze will come back an cool off the coast but dry weather for your weekend and temperatures climbing the next few days. low 70s to mid-70s around san jose, morgan hill pretty nice, 75 degrees. also 75 in santa cruz. 78 grows around pleasanton and sunol for today. and low 70s around oakland. upper 70s in santa rosa. a bit breezy with north winds picking up for the afternoon and the weekend looks nice. chilly mornings but nice
6:20 am
afternoons. clear skies. 80s inland for some of the east bay valley locations and turning a bit cooler early next week with another pattern change with rain coming up around wednesday. mike. >> hey, you weather folk get to show beautiful pictures all the time. look at this one, you guys. there's the city. so happy after last night's victory and here's the incline. we're showing a slow drive heading over towards treasure island. that's your commute direction over here. because of all this buildup and we saw slowing there, they turned on the metering lights to make sure the bridge moves smoothly so the backup at the toll plaza. we'll get a live look and see the backup, all lanes. turned on just about 6:10, so ten minutes ago and now the backup all the way over towards west grand avenue. we're looking at the tri-valley right now for the backup forming out of the altamont pass. typical build westbound at 580. just a slowing drive toward the dublin interchange but smooth through castro valley. here in the south bay we're
6:21 am
looking at that burst for 101 sticking around up to 880. 87 lowering those speeds and now 85. so far lighter than the south bay as to be expected, guys. back to you. it is 6:21. coming up is playing ball about to get blocked in the south bay? we have the new issue that could keep the a's away and this time we're not talking about territorial rights. plus trapping time in a bottle. the message that traveled 6,000 miles all the way to california just ahead. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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welcome back, everybody. it is 6:24 right now. an attempt to move the oakland a's to the south bay could be blocked by a land dispute. san jose made a deal with the a's that would allow the team to buy land for a new stadium at a below market price, but state officials are now threatening to overrule that deal and force that land to be sold at market rate. major league baseball officials still considering whether or not to allow the team to move to san jose, and a decision could be made by sometime after the world series. it's 6:25 right now. i want to check the forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda in for christina today. >> the afternoon is going to look outstanding. right now you'll want to dress in layers this morning. a little chilly outside. low 40s in parts of our north bay and east bay valleys. an umbrella not part of your layers this morning, which is nice. for the afternoon t-shirt
6:25 am
weather inland. mid-70s around san jose, a bit warmer for the weekend and turning cooler next week with clouds. an easy drive south down into palo alto at university where we are. north up through san mateo passing the san mateo bridge equally as light. the san mateo bridge itself, we'll look first from the peninsula side. here's the volume target to pick up westbound with all of the headlights off of the high rise. eastbound not a problem. as we look at the hayward side, you'll see the westbound taillights away from us. this bridge will remain open all weekend. you heard about a closure that was scheduled but it is open for business all saturday and sunday. back to you. how about this story. a san diego county kayaker found a message in a bottle that floated si floated 6,000 miles all the way from new zealand. inside messages written by two
6:26 am
10-year-olds from new siozealan. one letter was spended to be a time capsule starting out hello future. it described the current technology and everyday life. they tossed those out into sea back in may as part of a class project. >> those boys in new zealand must be just as whoopy excited as i. >> she said she's going to keep kayaking but will write them back and try to set them up with pen pal students from oceanside, including her 9-year-old grandson. i like seeing her in that little kayak. she's working it. little shoes and sweater. >> 6:27. are you whoopy excited about the giants? they're on a roll. will that good luck continue into motown? we have team coverage in two time zones as the giants travel to take on the tierggers in detroit. and in a sad and tragic
6:27 am
story, two children killed in their bathtub allegedly at the hands of their nanny. the bay area ties to this case that has many in the silicon valley in mourning. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah.
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a nanny, arrested in the stabbing death of the children she watched over. the bay area connection to a new york city crime just ahead. and right now we take you to new york city at the new york stock exchange. white wave ringing in the day out there. we'll see if those apple earnings will have a big impact as the numbers start to pop out today on this friday, october 26th. this is "today in the bay." it is 6:30. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. there are new details this morning in a shocking bay area twist to a deadly stabbing in
6:30 am
new york city involving two chipper and their nanny. overnight we learned the parents of the children who were killed spent many years here in the bay area and have close ties to some big sill cop valley names. marla tellez joins us live in our newsroom with the details. this is such a tragic story, marla. >> reporter: laura, good morning, it certainly is. a quick search online shows those parents, kevin and marina krim lived here about seven years before moving to new york city about a year ago. kevin worked as an executive for both yahoo! and bloomberg. currently he's a senior vp and general manager with cnbc based in new york. we do have a picture of the couple right here. we found this online, officials say kevin had just landed at jfk last night after leaving sfo in fact when he learned two of his three children were stabbed to death, reportedly by their nanny. officials say his wife, marina, walked into their upper west side apartment to find their
6:31 am
2-year-old son, leo, and 6-year-old daughter, lucia, dead inside the bathtub. police say their 50-year-old nanny was lying nearby with a knife at her side. >> on the floor of the bathroom is a nanny who apparently had inflicted wounds on her throat. >> reporter: this morning that nanny is hospitalized. she is said to be in critical but stable condition. neighbors say they never saw or heard any problems with that nanny, so still many unanswered questions today. kevin and marina have a third child, a 3 yaerld daughter, who survived this entire ordeal because she was with her mom at the time at a swim lesson. jon. >> okay, marla, thank you very much for that. new this morning, police on the scene of a shooting in san francisco's soma district. officers say somebody was shot near 6th street and stevenson street at about 1:40 this morning.
6:32 am
apparently the suspect approached the victim on foot and started shooting. now, that suspect continued shooting even as the victim ran away. now, the victim has life-threatening injuries. at this point it's unenclosure if the victim knew the suspect or this just started as an attempted robbery. 6:32. san rafael police hope surveillance video will help catch a crook who ripped off t.o. rolex watches. security cameras captured this man around 2:30 yesterday. he asked the store clerk to show him watches valued at around $10,000. when he reached for his wallet, the store clerk turned away for a moment and the man then ran off with the watches and into a waiting gold toyota camry. police say a woman was behind the wheel. a former u.s. senator now backing out of settlement talks in the san bruno pipeline explosion following opposition from the city. city leaders claim george mitchell's involvement would represent a conflict of interest because his law firm represents
6:33 am
an insurance carrier for pg&e. the former senate majority leader was set to lead negotiations between pg&e and the california public utilities commission. the issue right now is how much should pg&e pay in fines for the september 2010 blast that ultimately killed eight people. 6:33. switching gears, we want to get a check on the forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda in for christina today. >> we've got clear skies, no fog across the bay and just look at the water there. almost a mirror-like reflection which means not lot of wind out there. we're going to see a lot of sunshine and warming temperatures now. no fog and a bit of an offshore breeze will allow our numbers to come up starting today into the weekend. it is chilly, though. any time you sleep without a blanket overnight, you know how cold that gets. the bay area is the same way when it comes to not having any low clouds. a bit of an offshore breeze starting to showup in oakland and we'll see more of that after
6:34 am
sunrise as these gusty winds mix down closer to sea level. the cause for the wind shift is high pressure building in. it will be just to our east as we kick off the weekend with those dry offshore winds. valley temperatures having a chance of seeing 80s saturday and sunday. cloud cover hour by hour, not much out there. the wind out of the north will dry out our skies and some patches of clouds approaching the coast pushed offshore by the breezes out of the northeast. hour by hour for your temperatures now. approaching lunchtime pretty comfortable, mid to upper 60s inland. topping out in the upper 70s around the tri-valley. for the north bay, mid-70s, and mid-70s south of san jose for the afternoon. tomorrow we'll see more of the same. another cool morning and a warm finish to the day. 60s and 70s inland and probably 70s on the coast. next chance of rain will alive not until the middle part of next week. mike. we're looking over to the east shore freeway. we have a lot of headlights westbound, speeds dipping down into the 40s and 50s as you're coming through san pablo and past the racetrack.
6:35 am
the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and metering lights are on. heading down toward the south bay with these headlights, smooth drive past the auto mall parkway sign which is now on. here you see the northbound routes with slowing. 101, 87, now 280 at the 880 interchange and also at the bottom of your screen really kicking in now from 87 up in towards saratoga. that's going to stick around for your morning commute. back to you. it is 6:35. still ahead, this is pretty freaky stuff here. a real-life crime with hints of a hollywood movie. the new york officer accused of a "silence of the lambs" style crime. we'll have that coming up. and a sex scandal rocking a sleepy town as an alleged m madam's client list is revealed. alright let's break it down.
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new this morning, two teenagers accused of killing a 12-year-old girl in new jersey have their very first court appearance today. prosecutors say the 17 and fin-year-old brothers killed the girl after luring her into their home to trade bmx bike parts. the teens are being held in juvenile detention right now. a judge will determine today whether they should be moved to another facility. it's a real-life hannibal lecter story. a new york city police officer is accused of plotting to torture women, cook and eat
6:39 am
their body parts. a judge described the allegations against 28-year-old yoberto valley as disturbing and owed him held without bail yesterday. they say he used a law enforcement database to create a list of women he plotted to abduct, kill and eventually eat. defense attorneys allege his alleged appetite for cannibalism was no more than a fantasy. this was a case that rocked a small town in maine and this morning more men are accused of paying a fitness instructor for sex. they are being called out right now. police in maine expected to release more names of customers who allegedly paid to have sex with alexis wright. she is a local zumba exercise instructor. so far the names of 21 of the 100 or so customers have been released. wright and a male partner have been charged with more than 100 counts, including prostitution and privacy violations. a new museum exhibit is
6:40 am
attempting to debunk the myth that the ancient mayans predicted doom's day as december 21st, 2012. the houston museum of natural science launches its mayan 2012 prophecy exhibit today. the exhibit takes visitors pack 3500 years. it contains hundreds of replicas of calendars ending on december 21st. curators say the mayans did not believe the day marked the end of the world, rather the start of a brand new calendar. >> i like the sound of that much better, especially right before christmas. 6:40 right now. coming up, will the third time be a charm? that is the question we'll soon have answered. the giants move to motown for game three of the world series. we'll have live coverage just ahead. and lots of new tablets out today so we will talk all about it in gadget friday coming up. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i need your help... i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. well...everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe
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i mean we've been playing well here for a couple weeks now. we're always tough on the road. we're pretty confident going into detroit. >> you can't sleep on those guys. you look at the task that we have on hand and it's an uphill climb but i'm very confident in my team's ability. >> maybe there was none of that game one flash, no big at-bats, but a win nonetheless with a bunch of small play. they played some small ball and it adds up to a big-time victory in the world series. yes, this morning the giants heading off to detroit with a 2-0 lead in the world series against the tigers. now, unlike game one, game two didn't rely on all those big at-bats. instead, the giants relying on pitching and strategy to take home the victory. this morning team coverage in two different time zones. bob redell live at at&t park and we start things off with comcast sportsnet area's jaymee sire.
6:44 am
she's all loaded up and ready to go in comerica park where rain is coming down. looks like you're fighting it off, though. you're a game time warrior. >> reporter: absolutely. we are out here rain or shine. the giants are expected to hold a work outlater today but they have to be feeling good about themselves as they come in up 2-0. very different from the last series where they have been playing catchup. we know just how well they have been playing at home but as for at home, it couldn't have gone better for the giants in the first two games. madison bumgarner last night just dealing. we saw him in 2010, scoreless innings then and picked up right where he left off, extending that scoreless inning streak to 15, tied for fourth longest all time. >> it definitely feels better an a lot less stressful. we can't stop pushing or we'll find ourself in the same position we've been in. so we've got to keep pushing
6:45 am
until it's over with. >> reporter: meanwhile a scary moment for tigers pitcher doug fister who took a line drive off of his head in the second inning. it was recommend nichkt of when brandon mccarthy suffered a fractured skull on september 5th and that ended his season, but the merced native answered all of the standard questions and ended up retiring 13 of the next 16 batters he faced. as for game three, it features ryan vogelsong and anibal sanchez coming up on saturday here from comerica park. as we know, a lot of the giants fans will probably be making those rally enchiladas once again. they were certainly popular in the last series, guys. >> and very delicious too. thank you very much. 6:46. one inspirational story coming out of last night's game, the appearance of bryan stow. the 43-year-old was a special guest of the giants. you may recall he suffered that serious head injury when he was attacked outside dodgers stadium back in 2011. stow is still in rehab but was well enough to make it to last
6:46 am
night's game with his family. the giants welcomed him with a brief message on the scoreboard. the team said stow didn't want any type of ceremony or special attention. it's safe to say the world series fever is not only spreading right here in the bay area, it is spreading worldwide. giants and tiger fans can be found all across the country and around the planet. today in the bay's bob redell is live at at&t park with more on this global impact the world series is having. it sounds appropriate, bob. >> reporter: and it should come as no surprise. good morning to you, jon. because there are more foreign-born baseball players playing in this world series than in any other world series in history. most notably, a lot of them from venezuela. just look on the giants. you've got marco scutaro, gregor blanco and pablo sandoval all from that country. when they look into the stands not only do they spot the orange and black but possibly the red, blue and yellow. those are the colors on their
6:47 am
country's flag being held by fans who flew from venezuela here to san francisco to see their hometown boys play. and back home, venezuelans are heading to bars and local eateries demanding that the tv be tuned to a game being played thousands of miles away. >> it's a great feeling just to see the flag here in the world series and putting venezuela on the top. >> venezuelan people love baseball and they always give you great support. it's nice to see the people back home happy for us. >> reporter: those are thoughts from gregor blanco and marco scutaro, two of the giants who will be heading with the team on a few hours from now on a charter flight out of sfo. that flight leaves at 9:30. if things play out like they did at the 2010 world series, they should be leaving at&t park here at the 2nd street gate maybe around 9:. they'll be boarding buses. there are barricades set up here. if it's like two years ago,
6:48 am
there will be fans out here so you can come out and see the players off before they head to detroit and maybe catch an autograph along the way. reporting live here at at&t park, bob redell, "today in the bay." game three of the world series is tomorrow in detroit. the first pitch will be thrown out 7:05 our time and we will have continuing coverage of all things giants throughout the morning all day long as well. just check out our home page with the latest world series news. pretty exciting. >> it's getting close. it's so good. so good as rob points out that the giants are splitting town right as it's getting nice. >> they're having to dodge a little light rain but now things are clearing out. we'll give you a sneak peek of the weather we expect in detroit for our giants later on. right now you can see the giants flag there. notice the direction it's pointing. we've got a little bit of an offshore breeze. when you see in the morning, clear skies usually sets up for a pretty nice afternoon inland. in terms of the forecast the next three days, what we're going to see are temperatures
6:49 am
around game time 7:00 local time. you'll be seeing those games around 5:00 our time. but low 40s, upper 30s through many of the innings and the chance of a few showers, especially monday. so if you think that's chilly, well, imagine playing baseball in the north bay this morning, because that's pretty close to where the temperatures will be around game time in detroit, low 40s right now in napa, 42 degrees, 47 in san jose, 44 in concord. you saw it with the flag there in san francisco, a little northeast breeze into oakland, a sign of an offshore breeze picking up and helping to clear our skies. notice the storm track finally moving off to the north as high pressure builds in. temperatures will climb on up, especially for the weekend. we're looking at 70s and 80s inland and breezy conditions at times in the hills, so watch out for that here for the next couple of afternoons. low 70s san jose, 75 morgan hill, upper 70s around sunol and pleasanton. even san francisco probably closer to the 70s this weekend. low 70s in oakland, 78 in santa rosa, so things will warm up
6:50 am
through our valleys through the weekend. cool mornings but nice afternoons. dry weather for the end of the weekend into early next week. then some showers coming in for it looks like the middle part of next week, which includes halloween, mike. so we'll look over here to the south bay where everyone is looking forward to halloween here. okay, all over the bay area we're looking forward to halloween but here northbound lights, lots of them. this is 280 coming over towards 880/17. we'll show you the map. here's northbound 280, the slowing really kicking in approaching the interchange. now it's rotated around, we'll put north to the top and we're looking at north 101, 280 and 85. looking at that slowdown for 85 all the way from highway 87 so the build really starting. in fact 101 starts over here at capital expressway heading up toward the interchange and continuing to the airport. slow also for the east bay. your typical 580 slowing through livermore. castro valley also showing slowdowns north 238 but that's better than previous.
6:51 am
south 880 right here a little slow past the san mateo bridge. highway 92, you might have a road crew still on the scene but we don't see any slowing because of that crew. we'll show you the peninsula side where the volume really builds up so the bridge itself and highway 92, we'll get a live look out there. we'll get to the oakland camera looking over here north past the bridge up toward the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. now we'll look at the san mateo bridge. we're looking at the slower drive because of the volume. you've got a lot of company. 101 moves smoothly between the city and san mateo. back to you. we have new details this morning. a surprising bay area connection to a deadly double stabbing in new york city involving two children and their nanny. it turns out the parents of the children who died in the attack have deep ties to the silicon valley. today in the bay's marla tellez joins us from the newsroom with details we learned overnight. >> reporter: good morning. according to online records kevin krim and his wife, marina,
6:52 am
spent 2004 to 2011 living in san francisco. overnight we have confirmed kevin was a yahoo! executive during most of that time. just last year the couple moved to new york where kevin is now part of our nbc family. this picture here we found online on kevin is a senior vice president and general manager for cnbc. sources tell us kevin had just finished a business trip to the bay area yesterday when he landed at jfk last night. he was met by police, who informed him two of his children were found stabbed to death, reportedly by their own nanny inside their upper west side home. officials say his wife found their 2-year-old son leo and 6-year-old daughter lucia in the bathtub and their nanny lying nearby on the floor with the knife. neighbors who are used to seeing the children are just stunned. >> the laundry room is down there, so if you go to the laundry, you would just see them running back and forth in the hallways. >> unbelievable, just unbelievable. i can't imagine what the mother
6:53 am
is feeling. >> reporter: now the couple has a third child who was not home at the time so she survived. as for that nanny, police say she tried killing herself and this morning she's hospitalized in critical but stable condition. now, marina, the mother, kept an online plaug dedicated to her children called life with the little krim kids. i've gone through that blog and her last entry was just posted yesterday, only hours before she found her children dead. she wrote about leo. it's hard to read. i'm going to paraphrase for you. she said leo speaks in the most adorable ways possible. he says no, thank you. he never uses no alone. it's always paired with thank you. jon. >> we've been doing that story all morning long. still impossible to process that. unbelievable. 6:54. a developing story in the east bay. alameda county sheriff's deputies have arrested somebody in connection with a castro valley murder and arson. the person is accused of killing barbara lachlay. firefighters found her body after responding to a fire at
6:54 am
her home back on october 18th. investigators say somebody beat her and then set her house on fire. they'll be holding a news conference later today to announce who they have arrested and we will have all the latest details coming up on our 11:00 a.m. newscast. also new this morning, san mateo sheriffs released a picture of a man they say kidnapped a 9-year-old girl from parkside elementary school. this is a booking photo of 25-year-old bradley mrazek. prosecutors say he grabbed a 9-year-old girl inside a bathroom at parkside last month dragging her down the street until she was finally able to escape. he pleaded not guilty to the charges and will be back in court next month. and happening right now, grief counselors will be at an east bay high school this morning helping students deal with the death of one of their classmates. cathy qiu's body was found at san greg guiloria beach on sund. christie smith is live at albany high school where qiu was both
6:55 am
an honor student and a member of the tennis team there. just a very, very difficult day out there. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon and laura. yeah, this is bound to be a really tough day here at albany high school. the way social media works, word is already spreading fast. there is already a facebook page offering condolences to cathy qiu, people writing about her. the 16-year-old senior here with one friend remembering here as helpful and kind. others saying they're just sorry for whatever led to this. qiu was identified when a classmate saw news reports about her disappearance and figured that it could be her. that led to dental records and a firm i.d. counselors will be at the school today. now, on sunday a body washed ashore on a beach in san mateo county, but investigators didn't know exactly who it was right away. qiu was reported missing by her family on september 27th and was considered a possible runaway. her parents had previously reported her missing in april and she was located in colorado
6:56 am
and brought back home. qiu was an honor student at albany high with a 4.25 gpa and a member of the tennis team. the coroner's office is saying so far they have seen no obvious signs of foul play in her death, but toxicology reports should be back within about two weeks and that could help determine the cause of death. reporting live in albany, christie smith, "today in the bay." 6:56. in cuba this morning people picking up the pieces after a deadly and devastating hurricane. hurricane sandy left a trail of destruction, especially in santiago de cuba, the country's second largest city. s state-run media reports 11 people were killed when that hurricane hit the island. president raul castro is expected to assess the damage today. in the meantime the east coast preparing for a prehalloween storm. it's a rare mix they're going to get of three big merging weather systems over a very densely populated area. utilities and local governments are certainly getting ready
6:57 am
there. here's a live look in fact this morning at palm beach county, florida, where everything is picking up there. meteorologists actually expect high wind, heavy rain and extreme tides beginning on sunday peaking with the arrival of hurricane sandy on tuesday. experts expect damage to exceed $1 billion from new york to ohio. it's hard when you know it's coming. >> you just have to brace and hold on. 6:57 right now. with everything going on this week, how could gadget friday be anything but a tablet. >> all kinds of tablets hitting the market. a lot of confusion. >> yeah, there is a lot of confusion and you can blame microsoft. today it starts selling the surface tablet, but also today microsoft's customers, like toshi toshiba, will start selling their own tablets powered by the microsoft windows 8 operating system, which is what you're seeing me play with here. i really enjoyed there. you can see there's a lot of glare on the screen but other
6:58 am
than that it's pretty cool. you can use it like a big, big heavy ipad. the reason it's big and heavy is it's also a full powered operating system. it's going to run all those big boy programs you need like excel or photo shop or specialized programs your company needs. so let's go to the chalk board here. there's a lot of confusion. there are three tablets going on sale today. ipad mini available for preorder, that's just a small ipad. the surface tablet, that's for sale today. microsoft runs windows 8 on that, but it won't run regular windows programs. and the host of other products running windows 8 that work like tablets but will run legacy programs. i'll be honest with you, some of these third party companies are a little annoyed at microsoft when they have got their own tablet out there. >> how much that is one? >> this one is about $800, so this is a very expensive version of a tablet but there are certainly cheaper ones out there. >> all right, thank you very much. one final check, christina
6:59 am
loren -- or rob mayeda is in for christina loren. >> it's a cool start but just need the jacket through 9:00 or 10:00. you'll need it for now when temperatures are 41 in napa, 44 in san jose, but you don't need an umbrella. there's a nice change for you. skies clearing out by the afternoon, t-shirt weather most of the bay area, upper 70s inland and how about low 80s inland for the weekend. gorgeous weekend under way as we go through saturday and sunday and then a bit could recall with more clouds early next week. pack to you. >> all right, thank you so much, rob. thank you for joining us this morning. local news update at 7:25. >> it is friday, enjoy it. have a good one out there. we'll see you next week. good morning. frankenstorm, strong winds and rain from hurricane sandy kicking up in florida as emergency crews up and down the east coast prepare for what


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